We are starting on 2014 December 5th!

Forum is launched!

Hello our beloved BFD project fans,
with great joy, we announce, that start is only after couple weeks. We hope, that updated and perfecly working forum, will satisfy your expecations, and will let your opinions and requests effectively listened and accomplished.
So, from today, you can create account in forum, after test server start, you will be able to create account for game and start preparing for new opportunity to become the best BFD players, but what is most important, you will be able to get whole new adrenaline dose, fighting for your fame, friends and one goal – become L2 legend.
Follow our webpage information and wait for news.
With honor,
BFD team

Reborn x25 Interlude: when old becomes totally new!

Start 2014.12.05
Hello, Battle for Dawn project fans!
Do you still remember old tims, when Lineage 2 game was „on wave“? Every day strongest continent clans and alliances had to deal all the clashes between them, on weekends pressure next to the biggest castles were feeled everyone in the town. Those there the days, when everyone were able to reach highest without thinking about attributes or other game elements – it was enough just to have good response and head on the shoulders. Those were the days, spent tohether with hunderds of players waiting for Kernon or Barakiel. Months, when every Hero couldn‘t be relaxed, because of his constant competition.
We hear our loyal players. Got tens of letters with asking – revive old BFD.
Yes, we will do so!
BFD: Reborn server will have majority of old BFD elements. We decided to create server with 25x multipliers – in such speed, game will be much faster. Everyone will have to do Subclass and Nobless quests – they will be official, without any discounts, because those statuses, as in the old days, was reached only by the best. We removed all „custom“ NPC buffers and other Lineage II elements, which creates custom environment – we are seeking, that players could feel true gaming spirit and could enjoy every moment.
Server will be launched on our own created, unique platform, using L2OFF scripts – you will enjoy 100% high quality retail-like game. All that will be working on our own steel, guarded with very strong protection, thats why no one won‘t have ability to harm us. You will be able to join our server with Interlude client.
We will wait for Your suggestions and discussions on our forum. Have a good time!
BFDR team

Earn credits by promoting our server!

BFDR is glad to announce that our new season will start on September 5th.

We’re going to reward every single of you who are willing to help us promote our server for the upcoming start via our referral system. Want to earn free credits by sharing our server with others?
Head to your account panel referrals section in order to get your referral link and track your referral statistics. Share the link with all people. Every unique person that clicks your link will add +1 to your referral score. Every 10 referrals the system will award you with 1 extra credit. On top of that, right before the start the top 3 referrers will get special bonuses.
Top 1 – 50 credits
Top 2 – 40 credits
Top 3 – 30 credits

All information (rates, features and so on) regarding the new season is posted in our “Features” section.

If you do have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them in our forum or contact us via our support.