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Server down for unscheduled maintenance – DONE

UPDATE – Server back ONLINE!


Server down for unscheduled maintenance for atleast 1 hour.

UPDATE: Server will be up soon.

UPDATE: Maintenance is over. We had a power outage in our server room and in order to prevent any data loss the servers had to be shut down as soon as possible. The power seems to be back to normal now.

Update: Server will be up in 5 minutes @ 11:50 CET

Successful start, more than 2000 on!

Its been 2 days since the start now and we’re happy to announce that this start was successful.

There has not been any crashes or any lag issues since the start and we have a stable online of 2000+ players!

So do not hesitate to join us and enjoy a stable, lag free gameplay with thousands of players!

We are LIVE

Server started successfully! Come and join!

PS. If you are having launcher issues you can download the whole update directly from HERE and extract it to your Lineage2 directory

Starting in less than 1 hour! Referral event winners!

Everything is ready and final hour is ticking. We will be starting soon!

Referral event has finished. Thank you for everyone who helped us. Enjoy your rewards!

Top referrers:

  1. giedrius111 - 3355 referrals
  2. kunis - 1576 referrals
  3. donkisz - 1501 referrals

Immortal x50 starting today. Get ready!

We are starting today so get ready! You can start preparing and updating your clients now by using our launcher. Download it from HERE, place it into your Lineage2 directory and click “update” to make sure that you have correct Lineage2 version and are ready to play as soon as the server starts! Referral event will end at 12:00 CET (4 hours before start). Winners will be announced right before the start.


Planned maintenance 2014/05/01 18:00 CET – Completed

Update: The maintenance is done. All services back to normal.

We will be bringing down all of our services (except website and forum) for a planned maintenance today in order to prepare everything for the start. During the maintenance the gameservers and account panel will not be functioning.

Maintenance is expected to take 3 hours.

Start – 18:00 CET

End – 21:00 CET

Also, do not forget that we’re starting in 2 days from now. This Saturday, May 3rd!

Starting this week! Confirmed Donate shop!

Everything is going as planned and we will be starting in less then a week!  Get the word out and prepare for the real Lineage2 experience @ May 3rd! We are expecting more than 3000 online! Almost as much as last season! You can still help us by referring people to our server. For all your effort you will get rewarded! Read more about referral system hereReferral system will be closed on May 2nd 23:59 CET time so hurry up!

The planned start time on May 3rd for various time zones is:

  • 11:00 Brazil/Argentina
  • 15:00 Great Britain
  • 16:00 Central Europe Time
  • 17:00 Lithuania/Greece
  • 18:00 Moscow

On top of that a final decision was made about the Donate shop & services

Donate shop

  • Buff scroll sets (Fighter/Mage lasting 20 min)- 2 CC
  • TP Scrolls to towns – 1 CC
  • Blooded Baium pipette (You will still need to do the whole quest except the Baium part) – 30 CC
  • Antharas/Baium/Valakas entry quest items – 3 CC
  • Accessories (Hats) – 10 CC
  • Premium Hats (exclusive look) – 30 CC
  • XP 50% boost 24h – 5 CC
  • Premium GK (Catacomb/Necropolis) 24h – 1 CC
  • 5x BSOE – 2 CC
  • 5x BRES –  2 CC


  • PK cleaning – 1 CC per 1 PK point
  • Character name change – 10 CC
  • Clan name change – 15 CC
  • Pet name change – 5 CC
  • Sex change – 10 CC
  • Inventory expansion (10 slots) – 5 CC per expansion – Maximum of 3 times (30 slots)
  • Warehouse expansion (20 slots) – 3 CC per expansion – Maximum of 3 times (60 slots)
  • Maximum weight increase (50%) – 5 CC per expansion – Maximum of 3 times (150%)
  • Clan level increase (3CC per lvl, maximum lvl 6) –  3 CC lvl 1 – 6 CC lvl 2 – 9 CC lvl3 – 12 CC lvl4 – 15 CC lvl5 – 18 CC lvl6
  • Autoloot (Single mode) – 1 CC 1 day – 4 CC 5 days –  7 CC 10 days
  • Autoloot (Party mode) – 3 CC 1 day – 10 CC 5 days – 15 CC 10 days

Account panel update

A new feature has been implemented into the account panel. Now you can repair stuck characters (the ones that you can not enter game because of critical errors or client freezes) yourself by logging to account panel, going to Credits  -> Manage and selecting “Repair” for the character you want to repaired.
Once you click repair your character will be kicked out of game, moved to Talking Island, all equipped items placed into your inventory and your shortcuts deleted. This will most likely fix any issues that were responsible for the logging in issues. You can re-login instantly after that.

Also, do not forget that our new x50 season is starting in less than 2 weeks @ May 3rd! Earn yourself some free credits by referring people to our server via referral system!

Earn credits by promoting our server!

BFDR is glad to announce that our new season will start on May 3rd.

We’re going to reward every single of you who are willing to help us promote our server for the upcoming start via our referral system. Want to earn free credits by sharing our server with others?
Head to your account panel referrals section in order to get your referral link and track your referral statistics. Share the link with all people. Every unique person that clicks your link will add +1 to your referral score. Every 10 referrals the system will award you with 1 extra credit. On top of that, right before the start the top 3 referrers will get special bonuses.
Top 1 - 50 credits
Top 2 - 40 credits
Top 3 - 30 credits

All information (rates, features and so on) regarding the new season is posted in our “Features”  section.

If you do have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them in our forum or contact us via our support.

Update of the situation – start delayed to May 3rd.

I’ll be straightforward – I’m forced to delay the start to May 3rd. I’m very sorry for the people that already have made plans.

This start was supposed to be different because we’ve recruited a new person to the team whom seemed very passionate about his new role as a community manager/advertiser/GM/etc in the Battle for Dawn network. He was supposed to organize and prepare everything for the upcoming start that was not related to the technical side of it. However, as most of you have noticed – he sort of ‘disappeared’ in the last week and his activity dropped drastically which led all sorts of tasks not being done (not enough advertisement, lack of news, lack of interaction with players, no advertisement material and so on). The person I’m talking about is the one known as “Meow”. Since he did not finish a lot of tasks that he was supposed to do I will have to do them myself. However, there is not enough time to prepare everything and sort it perfectly in order to have a successful start this Friday. This is the reason why I am forced to delay it by 2 weeks. What is missing you might guess?

- Newsletter e-mail advertisement

- Referral promotional campaign

- Twitch promotional campaign

- Longer running Facebook ad campaign

- Better overall quality of representation

- Better L2 top rankings

So, what can you expect in the upcoming 2 weeks? I (lewzer) will be taking over everything once again to ensure the successful start with high online (3000+ ON). I’ve already started our Facebook ad campaign and shortly will start more advertisement campaigns together with the referral promotion so you will be able to earn credits by referring our server to other people just like the last time.

On top of it there will be some changes to server specification and rates in order to increase its longevity and interest. One of them – the XP rate will be decreased from 100x to 50x.

More updates with more details regarding the new start will be posted within few days. I do hope that our players will understand my decision because it is much better to have 3000+ ON rather than 500+ ON for both sides (players and BFD network).

We gave a chance for a person to show us his best – sadly, it was far from enough to make it satisfactory.

I hope you will stay with us and enjoy the game on May 3rd. It will not be delayed anymore than that. I can guarantee you this. Expected online? 3000+!

- lewzer

You can donate via our account pannel @ http://account.bfdr.eu. Just log in, go to credits and select your desired payment option
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